Wellman Waste Services


P.O. Box 1718
Georgetown, KY 40324

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Wellman Waste Services


P.O. Box 1718
Georgetown, KY 40324

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Residential Specialists

We know residential waste. We know you expect it to be picked up, on time, every time. That’s rule number one. We also know it’s a pain to keep up with containers, so we supply your cart free of charge. And we’ll deliver it within 3 business days of starting service. We also know that big loud garbage trucks can wake the dead. So we use a smaller truck that gets into tight places easily, and doesn’t disrupt the neighborhood. Welcome to a different kind of garbage company.

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Guaranteed Rates

Unlike the other guys, we’ll lock in your rate for 6 months. That means no hidden fees, no surcharges, no gotcha clauses. Our rates will vary slightly depending on housing density and travel times. But once it’s set, it’s done. No surprises on your bill. Guaranteed.

*NOTE – Due to unexpected fuel increases, we may have to temporarily suspend our guaranteed rates.


Wellman Waste Services is a home-owned, family business located in Georgetown, KY, serving the central Kentucky region with residential waste collection. Owner Jeff Wellman has spent a career in the waste industry, traveling the country and helping waste haulers become successful.

Now, Jeff and his team bring that expertise home, offering residential waste collection with a personal touch. No cookie cutter approaches here. We use smaller trucks to be less disruptive to your neighborhood. We supply each homeowner with a rolling cart that can hold a week’s worth of household waste.

We’ll take care of your bulky trash, too, like limbs and debris, white goods, and other trash that won’t fit in the cart. One phone call is all it takes to schedule a pickup for bulky waste.

Garbage collection is like any other utility or public service. It works best when you least notice it.

We Go Where
the Big Guys Can’t

What our customers say

No Hidden Charges

I decided to switch to Wellman Waste because I was tired of all the extra charges that show up on my garbage bill. I just want my trash picked up without being told to pay extra for fuel, or some other extra fee that the company didn’t plan for. With Wellman I know what to expect.

Eliza G.

A Breath of Fresh Air

I’ve used several garbage collection companies over the years, but Wellman is a breath of fresh air. Always on time, always courteous and polite, and always considerate of my property and neighborhood. Instead of tossing my cart in the ditch or leaving it in the middle of the driveway, Jeff rolls it out of the way and safely parks it in a corner of the driveway where it won’t get hit.

John R.

Glad I Made the Change

The previous waste collection company we used wasn’t very responsive. It took weeks to schedule a a pickup of some limbs and yard waste. And one time my cart got stolen, but it was a week before they brought me another. I decided to switch a month later, and Wellman had a cart in front of my house the next day. They also assured me that yard waste would be picked up within 3 days of scheduling. So far, I’m glad I made the change.

Lisa M.

Why Choose Wellman?

If your current waste hauler does everything perfectly, you might not need to change. But if you need a higher level of service, if you’re tired of added fees, if you’re weary of “cleaning up” the trash your garbage man leaves behind, if you’ve given up on consistent, timely service…well, maybe it IS time to choose a new waste hauler.


Local, Home Owned Company


Competitive Rates


No Hidden Fees or Charges

Wellman Waste Services

For all your residential waste hauling needs.